Terms Of Service


We take a 20% deposit of the total order value up front. The purpose of this deposit is to hold your generation slot.


Your deposit will be taken off the final invoice once generation is completed.


Deposits are not refundable.


Payment is due in full on the day generation is completed. The generation results will be sent within 24 hours of payment being received.


We accept payment in the form of:


BACS transfers or cash

Credit cards via PayPal with a 2.4% fee

3 Clean Investment Guarantee 


All 4 weekly work paid for comes with a 3 clean investment guarantee. If a 4 weekly job cancels before 3 cleans have been completed we will replace the job to the same value. 


All 8 weekly work paid for comes with a 2 clean investment guarantee. If an 8 weekly job cancels before 2 cleans have been completed we will replace the job to the same value. 


Our guarantee involves NO additional costs to our clients. 


Replacements will be due once all three cleans have been completed. 


While under guarantee you hold the responsibility to text customers the evening before cleans. You are required to remind them you are due to clean their windows and to ensure you have access to the property. Jobs that cancel without having been sent a reminder text are not covered by our clean guarantee.


A full list of cancellations is due upon completion of the first cleans and each clean thereafter until all work has been cleaned 3 times.


You will need to use the cancellation spreadsheet template that can be downloaded from our website and email it to info@canvassingkings.co.uk. Any jobs with missing information will not be replaced.

Canvassing Kings Admin will contact customers who cancel. We will not replace any jobs that are reported as a bad clean, late arrival, or any other poor service on the window cleaner’s behalf.


Cancellations are replaced and not refunded.

20% Over Generation 

The purpose of the 20% over generation is to cover cancellations in advance. This is a free service; therefore, this part of the generation is not covered by our 3 clean guarantee.

Generation Locations

We will determine locations for generation with you before we start. If it is not possible to complete generation in the set areas we will move to the next closest location to complete the order.


We will always work inside of a 12-mile radius from the initial location. If this isn’t possible we will contact you to discuss further options before we continue.

Customer Details

When we sign customers up we take the following details as standard:


If you require additional information you will need to let us know prior to generation beginning.

Job Regularity 

As standard we sign all customers up on a 4 or 8 weekly clean schedule. If your rota is scheduled differently please let us know before we start canvassing. 

Cleaning During Generation

If you order a high quantity of work and want to clean it during generation this isn’t a problem. We can stagger generation for you to make cleaning more manageable.

Payment guidelines still need to be adhered to in this instance.


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