Customer Generation with Canvassing Kings

Who are we and why do we stand out? 

We are a friendly team of canvassers who all have a minimum of 5 years experience window cleaning. We have all built and ran our own rounds in the midlands so you can rest assured you are working with people who understand window cleaning and know how to canvass quality work.


Our service has revolutionised canvassing in the window cleaning industry and we will continue to lead the way helping window cleaners set up and grow their own businesses. We have a time proven process that makes our service successful, every time. Our solutions help you grow cost effectively and sustainably. 

Having a round built for you is safer and more cost effective than buying an already established round. 

The key elements to our service:

All new customers are confirmed and ready to clean. 

Your new customers will be delivered to you awaiting their first clean. 


When a new customer signs up we take the following details:

  • Name

  • Full address & post code

  • Mobile number

  • Price of clean

  • Regularity of service

  • Any special job notes

We then contact each customer within 24 hours to confirm their personal details, the price and make sure they understand their service is going to regular.

Some customers will cancel at this point. These customers will not be passed on to you. This reduces the cancellation rate before first cleans.  

All you need to do is send a reminder text the evening before so customers know you're coming and remember to leave gates unlocked etc. 

We over generate by 20% to cover cancellations in advance. 

There is no way to totally eliminate cancellations because naturally some people will change their mind however, to combat this we give 20% extra with all orders to guarantee you’re always cleaning the amount of work you have paid for. 

This is part of our service; you do not pay for the over generation. 

We offer an industry leading 3 clean investment guarantee. 

To further safeguard your investment, we guarantee our work for 3 cleans. This means if a job cancels before you have completed 3 cleans we will replace the job to the same value.

You will need to report cancellations to us after each round of cleaning. We have made reporting cancellations as timeless as possible, simply highlight your cancels red on our spreadsheet, comment their cancellation reason and send the sheet back. 

For more information on reporting cancellations, over generation and investment guarantees see our Terms Of Service page. 

You can clean the work as we generate to make it more manageable. 

Growth has to be coordinated. This is why when making orders we allow you to clean the work as we generate. 

When making a larger order we can set a schedule for generation and cleans. This way you can be cleaning as we’re generating. 

Our usual payments terms apply when staggering an order. See our Terms Of Service page for more information. 

Other Key Points:

  • Compact work where you want it

  • Priced how you want it

  • Get paid how you want from new customers

  • Nationwide service

  • Established window cleaners canvassing for you

  • We don’t use sales people on commission 


Due to high demand for our service we often have limited availability. For timescales on our service send us a message or call us direct.


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Address: 38 Palmer Road, Retford,
Nottinghamshire, DN22 6SS

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