We have been following the governments health guidelines closely during the recent weeks to keep our employees and customers safe. 

Due to the governments strongly worded message for people to self isolate at home and only work key jobs we have had no option but to temporarily stop working. This is for the safety of our employees and all the potential customers we speak to.

We have temporarily put our diary on hold. Once the virus clears and the lock down has ended we will be straight back to the doors.

If you have work booked in and want further information about dates and timescales please call us on 01777 717282.

We will post further updates when we receive more information from the government.

Thank you, stay safe.



Canvassing Kings are window cleaning canvassers with 10 years industry experience. All new work is confirmed, ready to clean and investment guaranteed.


Confirmed Customers

We contact each new customer within 24 hours to confirm their personal details, job price, and to make sure they understand our service is going to be regular.

20% Over Generation

We add 20% on top all orders to cover cancellations in advance. We do this so you don't need to wait for cancellations to be replaced, guaranteeing your ROI.

3 Clean Guarantee

We guarantee the work you buy for 3 cleans. This protects your investment and the price you pay. 

Clean As We Generate

Growth needs to be manageable which is why you can clean the work as we’re generating it on larger orders.

Safer Than Buying A Round

When you buy an existing round you have no guarantees with the work you're buying. Your investment is unprotected.

Uniformed Canvassers

You can be sure that we are making a good first impressions to your new customers. All of our canvassers are uniformed.




Canvassing is Safer and more Cost Effective than Buying a Round.

Buying a round is more expensive from the onset than buying work canvassed to meet your requirements. 


When you buy a round you have no investment guarantees so when work cancels it is not replaced.

If you buy a larger round it can be difficult to manage the transition period of new ownership and the first cleans.

On top of this you need to find a round in the area you want. You also need to know that the job prices are in line with what you would want to charge.

Having a round tailored to your needs by Canvassing Kings eliminates all of the above. 


Startups love working with us!

We have helped lots of new start ups get off the ground by helping them build rounds in a cost effective way. We have then given them our continued support to help them keep growing in manageably.

Building a new round can often be a stressful task causing many new window cleaners to give up before they’ve given it a real chance. Let us take the stress of generating new work away, guaranteeing you an income while you concentrate on doing what really matters… Cleaning the work and getting paid!

Talk to us about full start up options including a van, equipment and a window cleaning round in the location you choose.

Contact Us

Canvassing Kings Ltd

Registered Company No: 11314954

VAT Registration No: 340 3837 17

Address: 38 Palmer Road, Retford,
Nottinghamshire, DN22 6SS

Office: 01777 717 282

Mobile: 07498 312 779


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